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  • Look To The Sky

    Look To The Sky

    Candles, Body Butter, Pillow Mist and So Much More!

  • Look To The Sky

    Look To The Sky

    Try our body butter and within minutes, feel extra radiant and refreshed.

  • Look To The Sky

    Look To The Sky

    Our superior range of products will give you noticeably softer, supple and delicious smelling skin after each use.

  • Look To The Sky

    Look To The Sky

    Revitalize your hair! Our natural body butter can be also used for dry and stressed hair.

Woman applying lotion

STAY Smooth

Our succulent body scrubs are excellent at gently exfoliating and softening the skin. Get all your rough skin polished away and stay smooth to glowing perfection.

Savour The Scent!

Pink Leaf

Our sweet smelling buttery cream has such an exotic & subtle scent that can leave you smelling like a tropical goddess!

Woman smelling flowers

Our Products remove dead cells off the surface of the skin and unclog pores by removing oil and traces of dirt and grime.

Woman with acne
Purple Rose Petal
The power of natural beauty

"We trust in the power of beauty, which is why we exist. We continuously try to find ways to align products of extreme quality with your skin goals."

Look To The Sky Admin

no artificial oils/ minerals
zero parabens