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Let me tell you a bit about my signature product; Hair to Toe Body Butter made with a touch of love.

- Natasha Wilson

Natasha Wilson


Creating With Love Since 2015

The idea for Hair to Toe Body Butter was born in 2015 when I decided how much I disliked the ‘off the shelf’ hair and skin care products I was using. I set out to find a solution!

I did extensive research on hair and skin care and realized that most of the products I was buying contained a lot of the same key ingredients. I began searching for hair and body butter recipes and purchasing my own ingredients. After trying several of the recipes I had found, I still didn’t like the outcome.

That is when the thought to create my own recipe came to me. After months of self-experimenting with different variations of recipes, I concocted the perfect recipe for Hair to Toe Body Butter.

As my hair began to grow and my skin began to glow, folks started to notice and wanted to know what type of hair and body care products I was using! When I would answer that I use my own recipe, they started placing orders! That is what prompted my decision to sell the hair and body butters I created.

Because Look to the Sky Hair to Toe Body Butter became loved by so many, I would like the opportunity to share the love with you!

Look to the Sky Hair to Toe Body Butter can be used on every part of the body including natural hair.

My recipe contains only the highest quality ingredients that consist of Cocoa, Mango, Shea Butter, and natural oils.

I can honestly tell you that you will love my products as much as I do! Let Look to the Sky Hair to Toe Body Butter put a smile on your face!


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