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Five Ways You Can Use Natural Body Butter


Five Ways You Can Use Natural Body Butter

Natural Body Butter

When you think of natural body butter, what’s the main benefit that pops up in your mind?

You probably only think of how moisturizing it can be for your dry, cracked skin. And that’s understandable because it is one of the major reasons to use body butter! Nothing says “moisturize” like a really good all-natural body butter. You know the feeling. Your skin is dry and uncomfortable—you need hydration. Then, you apply your favorite butter, and within minutes, you feel radiant and refreshed.  

However, are you really using natural body butter to the best of its abilities?

There are so many different benefits of body butter that can revitalize your body! Not mention, you get more bang for your buck when you know all the different ways body butter benefits your body.  

Body butter is not just a moisturizer. It can be used in many ways and provide you with different kinds of benefits you may not have even considered before.  

So, what is natural body butter good for?

1.Use it as an all over body moisturizer. The best time is after your daily shower or bath when your skin is still moist. Apply a bit of butter using broad massaging strokes. – Be careful not to use too much or your skin could get greasy.

  • Revitalize your hair! A natural body butter can be also used for dry and stressed hair. Take a small amount of the butter let it melt from the warmth of your hand before applying to the tip of your hair. Just wash it with warm water, dry it and enjoy silky and fragrant hair.
  • Remove a sticky make-up. Apply a tiny bit of body butter to a moisten cotton pad and enjoy how easy it is to dissolve the day’s makeup from your skin. It can even remove waterproof mascara but avoid getting it in your eye.
  • Sooth freshly-shaved legs. Are you in desperate need of moisturizing your skin after shaving? Just warm up a bit of body butter between your palms and massage it starting at your ankles and working up to the thighs. Not only will your skin be smooth again, but will stay hydrated all day.
  • Pamper your feet. Did you have a night out in your favorite heels, a long day at work, a holiday barefoot on the beach? Do your toes not feel soft anymore? Then the time has come for a bit of pampering. Take a warm salty foot bath, pad your feet with a towel before massaging scrumptious body butter into your soles.

Have you used a Look to the Sky natural body butter? If you are using any one of our natural body butter, let us know all the creative ways you are using it.


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